Rotapanel has more than 40 years of experience in the development and production of moving signs. The result: technologically advanced products which stand out for their reliability and low operating costs.
The number of RotaPanels throughout the world is growing. Modern CNC processing centres and state-of-the-art technical
staff take care of the inhouse production of variable message signs, wich are built with the highest quality aluminium and stainless steel.

VMS Hong Kong 1100 x 560 cm - Route 8 (total 180 signs)
VMS Hong Kong

Prismatic Variable Message Signs (PVMS)

RotaPanel variable message signs are reliable under almost all weather conditions. Polar cold or desert heat, a RotaPanel will never let you down. Its rugged design and proven state-of-the-art technology guarantee maximum operating reliability with minimum maintenance and cost.

RotaPanel variable message signs require minimum maintenance and operate swiftly and effectively.

RotaPanel variable message signs keep turning for many, many years. For decades, they have demonstrated that the quality of even the tiniest component meets the highest standards.


CE/EC NEN EN 12966 Certified

CE/EC NEN EN 12966 Certificated

Rotapanel is proud to
announce their PVMS are being manufactured according to
CE/EC NEN EN 12966 standards.

We build at our own factories, to the strictest quality standards.